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There are a million things new mamas need regarding the baby, breast feeding, physical recovery, etc., but we also need a little #selfcare too. Yep, I’m talking about good old fashioned vanity products to make us feels a little bit better about ourselves. A few weeks ago, I had a hair appointments scheduled that I was this close to cancelling because I didn’t want to leave Emerson for that many hours. One of my sweet followers reminded me that a happy mom equals a happy baby. Did I have to get my hair highlighted? No. But did it make me feel a little bit more like my old self and put a little pep in my step? Absolutely. It got me thinking about how even though our sweet babes comes first, we can take a few minutes or buy a few items to make us feel good and in turn, be the best mamas we can be. Check out my handful of must-haves that have done wonders for me!

1.    Monat Revive Shampoo & Conditioner: This has been a game changer. My hairstylist of 8 years, Brenda Kovar, has been using these products on me in the salon for about a year now, but I never bought any to use at home. My postpartum hair was the push I needed to start using these products all the time. It was dry, breaking and had a ton of static… not good.  It hasn’t started falling out yet, but I am hoping that Monat prevents that from happening. After 1 month of using it exclusively, Monat has made my hair stronger, softer and shinier. Love so far!

2.    Fountain of Truth Dream Cream Overnight Repair Mask: Like my post partum hair, my skin has completely changed #hormones.  I went from having slightly oily skin to completely dry and flakey skin. Some of that may be due to the changing seasons, but I think it’s mostly my hormones going crazy.  That, combined with lack of sleep, led to a hot mess situation on my face.  I really love this cream because it’s the perfect amount of moisture and totally awakens my skin.  It’s brighter and dewey instead of dull and flakey.  Highly recommend! Go G!

3.    Natori Plush Velour Robe:  I pretty much live in my robe and/or yoga pants every day so I figured I might as well splurge a little since I’m spending so much time in it!  This one is so soft and cozy (but doesn’t get too hot!) and I know Emmie loves to snuggle on it and fall asleep while I’m holding her (which is the only time she naps btw). 

4.    St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Probably the most vain of all the products listed here, but this self tanner always makes me feel a little better.  Let’s face it, I don’t get out much these days and I certainly am not enjoying the sunshine. Plus, protecting our skin from the sun is very important so this safe self tanner is s go-to for me. It doesn’t smell as bad as other I have used in the past and it gives a perfect natural glow (no orange streaks!).  

5.    Zella High Wasted Leggings: See #3 Robe… LOL.  Like I said, lots of time being spent in robes and yoga pants these days. I really like these because the high waste offers extra support and sucks me in a little (in a good, gentle way). 

6.    Esarora Ice Roller: This is a steal at only $13!  The popular Jade roller is over $50 and this one works just as well if not better! This brightens up my skin and also helps with my headaches due to sleep deprivation and changing hormones. I keep mine in the freezer at all times – love!

7.    The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush: My skin has been so dry postpartum and this scrub brush has been a great exfoliator. It is also great for circulation and the bristles aren’t too rough or painful. This is another steal at only $15!

8.    Ugg Slippers: See #3 and #5. These are worth every penny and will last you for years! Perfect house slippers.

9.    Slipsilk Silk Pillowcase: I know this seems kind of ridiculous and it’s quite pricey, but honestly, it’s the best. New mamas are barely getting any sleep as it is, so might as well make those few precious hours / minutes / seconds be the best ever. 

10.  Quay Sunglasses: Dark circles and no time or desire to put on eye makeup make these a must have. Plus, they’re only $50 and a totally dupe for $400 Celines!

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Posted on December 4, 2018 .